At any time, customer can file a chargeback under any reason code. Chargeback not only effect profits but also, the image of the business. Lesser the chargeback ratio better will be the reputation of the business. We, at Dispute-Response, provide tools and technology that prevents chargebacks and in case, you get one, we will help you fight that chargeback.

Chargeback Process

When a customer files a chargeback, this is done by opening dispute and asking issuer to reverse the charge. Then Credit Card Company will contact merchant’s bank who will notify merchant regarding the same. A detailed analysis and strategies are required to win a chargeback dispute. Dispute-Response provides merchant with the management tools to achieve substantial results.

Causes of Chargebacks

Dispute-Responsecan occur due to various reasons, but the most common ones are as follows:

  • Item not received

  • Item received is not as described

  • Unauthorized transactions

Benefits Of Dispute-Response

  • Reduced Risk

  • Ensured Sustainability

  • Recovered Revenue

  • Improved Industrial Relationships

    • Increased Profits

    • Customer Retention and Loyalty

    • Improved Brand Name

    • Declined Chargebacks.

    Tools and Strategies for Effective Chargeback Management

      • Identify the source so that appropriate prevention technique can be applied.

      • Management platform that audits, review and reports alerts.

      • A customized action plan to reduce risk and chargeback issuance

      • Challenge faulty customer behavior and friendly frauds

      At Dispute-Response, we provide effective strategies to our clients to find the chargeback source, manage them and fight them in the most efficient way. The three major chargeback sources are:

      • Merchant error

      • Criminal fraud

      • Chargeback fraud